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class Eden_Registry

This class allows the reference of a global registry. This is a better registry in memory design. What makes this registry truly unique is that it uses a pathing design similar to a file/folder structure to organize data which also in turn allows you to get a data set based on similar pathing.

Public Methods

public function get($modified = true)

Gets a value given the path in the registry.

Returns mixed

public function getArray($modified = true)

Returns the raw array recursively

Returns array

public function isKey()

Checks to see if a key is set

Returns bool

public function offsetGet($offset)

returns data using the ArrayAccess interface


  1. number

Returns bool

public function remove()

Removes a key and everything associated with it

Returns Eden_Registry

public function set($value)

Creates the name space given the space and sets the value to that name space

Returns Eden_Registry

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