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Hello everyone, we are managing talent pool on di...

Trinmar Boado 7:25am Oct 19
Hello everyone,

we are managing talent pool on different expertise. ie. Javascript ( AnglarJS, ReactJS, NodeJS), PHP (Laravel, Yii Symphony), Ruby, Python, Java, InfoSec, dotNet etc.,

may we know the different communities here who are interested to join us? The benefit of enhancing the pooling of talents are faster employment, more project distributions and wider network

Looking for Web Developers to work with us in Open...

Dan Michael Molina 10:58am Jul 9
Looking for Web Developers to work with us in Openovate Labs, Inc. located in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong.

Openovate Labs, Inc. is a software development company that focuses on delivering top-notch and technologically forward systems to clients in different industries.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about software development and love working in a team. A good candidate is one who is responsible, professional, always willing to learn new things and new technologies. We’re looking for developers who have experience in the following:

* Ability to learn and implement new technologies on the fly.
* Exceptional logic capacity
* Follows a strict standards of coding and methodology
* Experience in two or more of AWS, Rackspace, Linode, Azure, Heroku, Engine Yard
* Experience in two or more of NodeJS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
* Experience in two or more of PostGreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Sphinx
* Experience in one or more of MemCache, Redis, Solr, Elastic Search
* Experience using CDNs like S3, Cloud Front, Cloud Flare
* Experience using package managers like npm, packagist
* Experience in integrating one or more of Facebook API, Twitter API, Google APIs
* Experience in integrating one or more of PayPal, DragonPay, iPay88, Xend, LBC, ZenDesk APIs
* Experience in developing under one or more of OSX, Windows or Linux Environment
* Front End experience using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
* Active GitHub account for the last 3 months

If you’re interested, please contact us by sending your resume to dmolina@openovate.com.

Can anyone help me out with this problem I have? h...

Joe Palala 1:21am Apr 7
Can anyone help me out with this problem I have? http://pastebin.com/3ccKKqSw thanks

Joe Palala 1:22am Apr 7
Heres the code btw. http://i.imgur.com/n7vtkrv.png

Joe Palala 1:25am Apr 7
Heres how my public/front.php looks like http://pastebin.com/0erhLDCV

Din-din Bautista 3:05am Apr 7
have you tried using Eden::i()->getActiveApp()->database() ?

Joe Palala 4:06am Apr 7
Tried that, it worked, now the this->_database object is null for some reason, thanks. `spl_object_hash() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given`

Din-din Bautista 4:13am Apr 7
Front->database() returns the default database set.

you might want to check front.php line 104 if it was able to set the default database.

Joe Palala 5:08am Apr 7
oh yeah,i should try debug(true)

Joe Palala 5:26am Apr 7
i got it fixed by doing this instead $this->_database = front()->database;

Din-din Bautista 5:45am Apr 7
^oh, yeah. explicitly stating the app would work. another implementation would be


injecting the database through the constructor :)

Joe Palala 6:31am Apr 7
thanks :)

Christian Blanquera 10:44am Apr 7
how about front()->getDatabase() ?

Christian Blanquera 10:45am Apr 7
oh nm it was covered :)

We are a start up looking for android apps designe...

Jun Barbosa 10:27am Feb 18
We are a start up looking for android apps designers and developers. This is part time and home based.

This job is perfect for newbies in mobile app development and design. The jobs are small and simple. Something that a newbie can finish in a day or two. Pros can probably finish 4 to 7 jobs a day.

Here is an awesome tip to newbies: They say the best way to learn is by practice. Nope, its getting paid while practicing ;)

Pay is from $10 to $20 per job.

Send me a PM.

No new version since 2 years, is EdenPHP have a fu...

Anthony Bernard 11:54am Dec 4
No new version since 2 years, is EdenPHP have a future ?

Dan Michael Molina 12:00pm Dec 4
hello.. we have EdenPHP V3
Library: https://github.com/Openovate/eden
Framework: https://github.com/Openovate/Framework

Dan Michael Molina 12:02pm Dec 4
we also have a beta version of EdenJS for node https://www.npmjs.org/package/edenjs

Ghislain Augereau 12:09pm Dec 4
you never touch the lib since 2 year, still not udpate, and buggy :(

Christian Blanquera 12:30am Dec 5
Well we did open source it, so if there are somethings that you see wrong with it, make an issue. We still use eden v2 in a lot of our projects that we do here in our company so it's not exactly dead.

Just sharing :) Built with Eden. For source code P...

Joe Palala 9:20am Dec 4
Just sharing :) Built with Eden. For source code PM me if interested. I basically started from eden qna as base.

Hi there, a quick question about searching in a my...

Christian Ehrhart 2:26pm Nov 5
Hi there,
a quick question about searching in a mysql-database.

I want to search with a "... LIKE '%mystring%' ..." and tried something like this:
$data_sql->addFilter("firstname LIKE '%%s%' OR lastname LIKE '%%s%'", $value, $value);

But this doesn't work. Any ideas, how to fix that?


Hi there, I have a problem with inserting/updating...

Christian Ehrhart 9:37am Jun 6
Hi there,
I have a problem with inserting/updating a mysql-record and hope you can help me or give me a hint.

I have a varchar-field and I want to insert a number with leading zero (a phone-number). But when I write this value into the $settings-array, the leading zero will be cut off. Eden tries to store it as integer.

Any ideas, how I can prevent this? Or do I have to reformat this value before inserting it into the $settings-array?

Thanks in advance and cheers, Christian

Din-din Bautista 10:02am Jun 6
use ""+$value

João Paulo 10:06am Jun 6

Din-din Bautista 10:07am Jun 6
yeah. dot. "".$value

João Paulo 10:08am Jun 6
hehehe. :)

Christian Ehrhart 10:15am Jun 6
Hm, that's what I thought. No other alternatives here? My code inserts/updates data via form-post-values automatically, so this is a little bit complicated to add. But it's possible :-)

Necat Bolpaça 10:29am Jun 6
strval( $value ) also doing this - http://php.net/strval

Christian Ehrhart 10:32am Jun 6
But is there a way to "force" Eden to insert/update values as strings when the DB-Field ist VARCHAR? Or something like that? This would be the most convenient way, or?

Alleo Pineda Indong 8:03am Jun 7
you prolly forgot to cast the value :) you can use "".$value or use type casting

Andre Jay Marcelo-Tanner 11:43am Oct 7
pull the latest version, was some fixes

Just sharing how to add composer-loaded packages i...

Joe Palala 10:16am Oct 7
Just sharing how to add composer-loaded packages into eden framework. I just basically modified web/index.php and added require('../vendor/autoload.php'); So far so good.

Figured out how to make it run on nginx https://gi...

Joe Palala 5:12am May 1
Figured out how to make it run on nginx https://gist.github.com/jpalala/934f4aac17f218d79748

Joe Palala 5:14am May 1
I may have forgotten to cover assets (static files - css/js/images )

Just wondering if there's a disadvantage to using ...

Joe Palala 7:33am Apr 11
Just wondering if there's a disadvantage to using __autoload()? Just noticed it's not around in EdenPHP, and it was solved by using the __callable magic method thingy.

Christian Blanquera 8:06am Apr 11
nope it's just a preference.

Gian Crescini Reyes Santillan 2:26pm Apr 11
its good to merge both tho


Joe Palala 2:03am Apr 8

Programmierer für Graz gesucht. Zur Verstärkung ...

Andreas Gruber 11:33am Dec 9
Programmierer für Graz gesucht.
Zur Verstärkung des Grazer Teams suchen wir ehemöglichst einen erfahrenen und zuverlässigen Programmierer (m/w).

Check this app. Kinda cool if you want to have an ...

Joaquín Cheng Toral Jr. 12:49pm Nov 23
Check this app. Kinda cool if you want to have an interactive to do list.

is there a problem to access EdenPHP website ?

Anthony Bernard 10:05pm Nov 7
is there a problem to access EdenPHP website ?

Jernon Magcalas 10:07pm Nov 7
try to access it here http://eden.openovate.com.

Anthony Bernard 10:15pm Nov 7

Is it possible to get the mobile number of users w...

Sherwin Robles 10:50am Oct 30
Is it possible to get the mobile number of users who liked FB apps/page? TIA..

Christian Blanquera 10:51am Oct 30
if the facebook documentation provides that kind of permission. we are limited to what they allow

Sherwin Robles 11:00am Oct 30
I see.. I can't find it in the documentation.. I guess its not provided. Thanks!

Tee Plus 11:05am Oct 30
I think there is no way to get mobile number.

Sherwin Robles 11:08am Oct 30
Hmm, its deprecated or discontinued : https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2011/01/14/platform-updates--new-user-object-fields--edge-remove-event-and-more/

Andre Jay Marcelo-Tanner 11:48am Oct 30
It used to be available through Facebook auth tokens but not anmore


Edison Go Tan 6:54am Oct 1

Hi there! Is it possible, to directly get the id ...

Christian Ehrhart 4:33pm Aug 29
Hi there!

Is it possible, to directly get the id of a just inserted recordset?

I'm pretty sure it is, but I didn't found a way on edens website ;-)

Thanks and cheers, Christian

Christian Blanquera 4:50pm Aug 29

Christian Ehrhart 6:46am Aug 30
I knew, it is something that simple :-) Thanks!

Good day everyone. I need to discuss a project or ...

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 8:18am May 15
Good day everyone. I need to discuss a project or system using PHP language developed by Filipinos from ground up. I came across Eden and I intend to discuss it in my MIT Programming Languages class. I am currently working on it but I need more data like sample of systems that made use of it. Just wondering also if Sulit.com was developed w/ PhP and/or Eden? Pls help me on this. Thanks

Ragde Falcis 8:23am May 15
Sulit.com.ph is built using PHP.

and thousand more sites are built using eden.

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 8:29am May 15
thanks a lot po sir Ragde Falcis. This is a big help po. Good start for my project.. :)

Mark Esluzar Diamat 8:35am May 15
mas mganda kung pgsasabayin mo ung Javascript / PHP. :)

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 8:38am May 15
will try that sir Mark Esluzar Diamat ...Are those what were used to develop the website of PDI po? :)

Mark Esluzar Diamat 8:40am May 15
Current Web Dev of Inquirer.net po :)

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 8:49am May 15
i see po..I'm sure mas mag improve pa Inquirer.net nito :)

Mark Esluzar Diamat 8:50am May 15
Ahahaha sana nga po :P..

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 9:28am May 15
by the way, nakita ko po kasi dun sa PHPUG-PH group na nagkaroon pala ng Summit pala..sayang sana nag-attend din kami nun..anyway, I saw there that one of the presenters was sir Christian Blanquera of Openovate. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to ask for a copy of his presentation or handouts (if maeron po)? Would be a big help talaga po. :)

Nikko Bautista 2:03pm May 15
Taghuddle uses Eden :)

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 4:09pm May 15
thanks sir Nikko Bautista

Christian Blanquera 4:10pm May 15
galleon.ph and workinspire.com uses eden

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 10:53am May 16
Thanks sir Christian Blanquera. can i ask for a favor po? would it be possible for me to have an overview on how openovate.com or eden started and used php language on its development?

Christian Blanquera 4:33am May 17
do you live in manila?

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 4:35am May 17
No sir Christian. i don't po. I'm from Legazpi City.

Jennifer Laraya-Llovido 10:46am May 18
Done with my report...thanks for the help specially sirs ragde, mark, nikko and Christian. :)

hi everyone, how to post a status into facebook vi...

Putera Kahfi 6:39am May 16
hi everyone, how to post a status into facebook via eden, I have use this way :

$graph = eden('facebook')->graph($this->session->userdata('fb_token'));
$post = $graph->post('Testing using eden facebook API, :D');

but I don't see anything. :(

Dan Michael Molina 8:28am May 16
you have to call create() like this
$graph->post('hello world')->create();

Putera Kahfi 9:31am May 16
I Got this message :

'error' =>
'message' => string '(#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action' (length=72)
'type' => string 'OAuthException' (length=14)
'code' => int 200

do you know what the problem ?

Dan Michael Molina 1:37am May 17
you need to authenticate first.

Christian Blanquera 4:32am May 17
you should specify it in the scope when generating your login URL ie: echo $auth->getLoginUrl(array('email', 'user_website')); for a list of scopes check out: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/permissions/

Invitation from Launch Garager and Startup Supreme...

Jonathan Richie Yap 4:07am Apr 24
Invitation from Launch Garager and Startup Supreme Work Inspire --

Startup the Right Way with Work Inspire
Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 6:00 PM

This workshop will show how get off the right way with agile using workinspire.com. Participants will receive a free 1 year subscription to avail the app for your startup. Tshirt give aways and more!

Openovate Labs
UG09, Tower 1, Globe Telecom Plaza, Pioneer Highlands
Mandaluyong City

Limited slots only.

Register here: http://i.aaxs.org/ZNOl3S

** Get a chance to meet and greet EDEN.

Hi guys, i'm trying to use Eden_Amazon_S3 but i ge...

Dimitri Bocquet 9:22am Apr 21
Hi guys, i'm trying to use Eden_Amazon_S3 but i get an error when instantiating : Cannot redeclare class Eden_Class on line 27. Someone can help me? Thx!

Christian Blanquera 1:30am Apr 22
how did you include it? did you use eden()->setLoader() or require_once ?

Serial Startup Founders - RJ David (Sulit.com.ph),...

Jonathan Richie Yap 4:49am Apr 21
Serial Startup Founders - RJ David (Sulit.com.ph), Christian Blanquera (WorkInspire, Openovate, Galleon, Kosmos, Gimmick.ph, Chismosa.ph) and Ragde Falcis (GoRated) giving back to the community during the 2013 PHP Dev Summit Organized by PHPUGPH over at Chardonnay by Astoria. They were also joined by Microsoft's Alvin Gendrano, US Auto Part's Tim Hawkins and Michael Cheng of the Singapore PHP Users Group! Kampai! Event was sponsored by Microsoft Philippines and Globe Labs!

The PHP User Group Philippines (PHPUGPH) will be h...

Jonathan Richie Yap 7:06pm Apr 13
The PHP User Group Philippines (PHPUGPH) will be having their PHP Developers Summit 2013 on Apr 20 2013 at the Chardonnay by Astoria in Pasig City. Join the various PHP gurus and ninjas as they share their coding secrets and secret sauce in getting their companies/startups from their bedroom to the boardroom.

Speakers List
* Alvin Gendrano, Microsoft Philippines
* Christian Blanquera, WorkInspire (funded by LaunchGarage)
* Michael Cheng, Singapore PHP Users Group
* Radge Falcis, GORATED.PH
* RJ David, Sulit.com.ph (funded by Naspers of South Africa)
* Tim Hawkins, US Auto Parts and Renowned Author

Lots of freebies and prizes in store for the attendees aside from a smorgasbord of food and beverages.

Come one, Come all! Hurry! Limited slots only.

Visit http://conference.phpugph.com/ to learn more.

e27.sg's Echelon 2013 is into its fourth year and ...

Jonathan Richie Yap 3:15am Apr 7
e27.sg's Echelon 2013 is into its fourth year and will take place on 4 – 5 June 2013 at MAX Atria@Singapore EXPO.

Echelon is typically held in two phases, the first phase being the Satellites. Satellites were first held in 2011 and usually organized in partnership with local communities. The preliminary pitches take place during these Satellite events and selected startups will be invited to exhibit at the main Echelon conference’s Startup Marketplace or pitch on the main stage during Startup Pitches.

The Philippines Satellite will be held on 13 April 2013 at Meridian International College (MINT), from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

To learn more, visit:

You can register a FREE Philippines Satellite Pass via

Hurry! Register now! Limited slots only! Come, learn and support your Startup teams!

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