Images Manipulation in Eden takes the leg work from trying to figure it out on your own. There are 2 ways to load images in Eden; by the file name or the data itself.

It's not actually good practice to pass image data using a variable because of its mere size. There are some cases however, like getting image data from a web service where this cannot be avoided.
Figure 1. Load by File or Data
eden('image', '/path/to/image.jpg', 'jpg');
eden('image', $image_data, 'jpg', false);

Once the image is loaded, you can combine several methods to manipulate the image to your liking

Figure 2. Image Manipulation
$image->crop(300, 300);					// Crops an image
$image->scale(300, 300);				// Scales an image
$image->resize(300, 300);				// Scales an image while keeping aspect ration
$image->rotate(90);						// Rotates image
$image->invert();						// Invert horizontal
$image->invert(true);					// Invert vertical
$image->negative();						// inverses all the colors
$image->colorize(0, 0, 255);			// colorize to blue (R, G, B)
$image->edgedetect();					// highlight edges
$image->meanRemoval();					// achieve a "sketchy" effect.
$image->setTransparency();				// set the transparent color

If the image is loaded by data, using getDimensions() will return the width and height of that loaded image. Figure 3. Get the image dimensions

$image->getDimensions();				// get the width and height

Though Eden's image object solves for most general cases. There will be times you may need to add additional filters beyond a function call. For advanced manipulation you can get the GD2 resource like in Figure 4.

Figure 4. Get the Resource
$image->getResource();					// get the GD resource for advanced editing

When your happy with your image you have the choices to save it to a file or echo to screen. Figure 5 and Figure 6 both show ways to get the final image. Figure 5. Save to File

$image->save('/path/to/file.jpg', 'jpg');	// save image to file
When echoing an image, make sure there is no other data outputted or the final output will look broken.
Figure 6. Simply Echo
header('Content-type: image/jpeg');
echo $image;							//prints the image data

We found that even images are easy to manipulate with Eden.

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