1. Basic Querying
  2. Data Manipulation
  3. Retrieving Data
  4. Searching
  5. Model
  6. Collection
  7. Putting it Together

Eden's MySQL objects are nothing short of spectacular! We take ORM in to a whole new level featuring search, collections and models, designed for novices and enthuisiasts alike. Before we go into those advanced topics, we should first go over the basic methods available. First off we need to add connection information to our database model shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Database Connection Information
$database = eden('mysql', '[HOST]' ,'[DBNAME]', '[USER]', '[PASS]');	//instantiate

Simply put, we first instantiate the class giving the host, database name, user name and password in the figure above. There are no other requirements and you can start using methods immediately.

Eden's MySQL object will only connect when the first query is made. This strategy is called lazy loading.

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