II. The Library

Eden is a PHP Library maintained by Openovate Labs. We use Eden as a foundation for all of our internal product development, which in turn keeps her code base updated, evolving and constantly expanding. Eden is classified as a library (versus a CMS or Framework) because her only ambition is to make functionality available rather than make rules for how a website is created. This makes learning Eden easier because you only need to learn the classes you plan to use. Speaking of framework and CMS, Eden can be injected in your preferred framework or CMS for the added functionality. It's like the missing library needed for all of them!

Eden is not specifically designed for building websites by design. Technically, you can use Eden as a compliment anywhere you were planning to use PHP in your project.

The library is separated into different sections covering databases, caching, file system, persistent data, etc. which is common in most frameworks, but Eden also covers web services, payment gateways, shipping and cloud technologies out of the box.

What's Out of the Box:

Although Eden support the above services, it's not enough to say it works. We focus on end developer usage; getting results or performing actions with less code. Figure 1, for example, shows how easy it is to get your Facebook friends.

Figure 1. Get a Pure Array of Facebook Friends
		$friends = eden('facebook')->graph('[YOUR ACCESS TOKEN]')->getFriends();

On a core level, Eden is designed to be a game changer, from writing code to new concepts, more things are possible. To learn more about the features of Eden in detail, head over to 1. Features

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