Paypal Authorization

Instantiate Authorization
$authorization = eden('paypal')->authorization('[API_USERNAME]', '[API_PASSWORD]', '[API_SIGNATURE]');
Authorization Methods
Method Arguments Returns Description
$authorization->doAuthorization(); none string Authorize a payment.
$authorization->doCapture(); none string Captures an authorized payment.
$authorization->doReAuthorization(); none string Re-authorize a payment.
$authorization->doVoid(); none string Void an order or an authorization.
  1. integer|float
  2. - Item amount
Eden_Paypal_Authorization Set item amount
$authorization->setComplete(); none Eden_Paypal_Authorization Set complete type to complete Complete - This the last capture you intend to make
  1. string
  2. - Currency code
Eden_Paypal_Authorization Set currency code
$authorization->setNoComplete(); none Eden_Paypal_Authorization Set complete type to no complete NoComplete - You intend to make additional captures.
  1. string
Eden_Paypal_Authorization An informational note about this settlement that is displayed to the buyer in email and in their transaction history.
  1. string
Eden_Paypal_Authorization Set Transaction Id

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