1. Web Charge

Web Charge is a product of Innovative Gateway Solutions by Intuit. More information can be found at http://www.innovativegateway.com/s_payments.aspx.

Figure 1. Instantiate Web Charge
$webcharge = eden('webcharge');
Figure 2. Web Charge Methods
Method Arguments Returns Description
$webcharge->send(); none string - the cURL result Validates required transaction parameters and sends the transaction to Innovative Gateway Solutions.
  1. string
  2. - password
Eden_Webcharge_Model Sets the merchant password
$webcharge->setTransaction(array $transaction);
  1. array
  2. - the transaction to set
string - the cURL result Set a transaction to send.
  1. string
  2. - user name
Eden_Webcharge_Model Sets the Merchant user name

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