Four Square Updates

Returns updates information for a given user

Figure 1a. Instantiate Updates
$updates = eden('foursquare')->updates($_SESSION['oauth_token']);
Figure 1b. Usage: Retrieve a User's Notification Tray.
    ->setLimit('[INTEGER]')	//optional
Figure 1c. Updates Methods
Method Arguments Returns Description
  1. integer
Eden_Foursquare_Updates Maximum number of results to return, up to 99. Notifications are grouped over time, so there will usually be fewer than 99 results available at any given time. offset 0 Used to page through results. Only the 99 most recent notifications are visible, so offset must be no more than 99 - limit.
$updates->getNotification(); none array Retrieve a user's notification tray notifications
  1. string|integer|null
  2. - The timestamp of the most recent notification that the user viewed.
array Mark notification tray notifications as read up, to a certain timestamp.

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