Google Checkout

Google Checkout lets your customers buy items from you quickly and securely using a Google username and password. You can use Google Checkout to charge customers' credit cards, track orders through your fulfillment process and receive order payments in your bank account. As such, Google Checkout touches each step of the customer's shopping experience, beginning with the customer's search for an item and continuing through the order checkout and fulfillment processes. There's no need to go through the standard Google authentication process with checkout. You just need to provide a merchant ID. If you need a merchant ID, checkout Getting Started with Google Checkout on the Checkout API page.

Figure 1. Instantiate Checkout
$checkout = eden('google')->checkout('[YOUR_MERCHANT_ID]');
Figure 2. Google Checkout Methods
Method Arguments Returns Description
$checkout->checkoutForm($itemName, $price, $description, $quantity, $currency = 'USD', $test = true);
  1. string
  2. string|integer
  3. string
  4. string|integer
  5. string
  6. boolean
  7. - Set to false for live url
array Returns a checkout form

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