Twitter Search

Find relevant Tweets based on queries performed by your users.

Figure 1a. Instantiate Search
$search = eden('twitter')->search('[TWITTER_KEY]', '[TWITTER_SECRET]', $_SESSION['access_token'], $_SESSION['access_secret']);
Figure 1b. Search Methods
Method Arguments Returns Description
  1. string
  2. - The tweets you want to search
array Returns a collection of relevant Tweets matching a specified query.
  1. string
Eden_Twitter_Search Set callback
$search->includeEntities(); none Eden_Twitter_Search Set include entites
  1. string
Eden_Twitter_Search Set geocode
  1. string
Eden_Twitter_Search Restricts tweets to the given language, given by an ISO 639-1 code.
  1. string
Eden_Twitter_Search Specify the language of the query you are sending (only ja is currently effective). This is intended for language-specific clients and the default should work in the majority of cases.
  1. integer
Eden_Twitter_Search The page number (starting at 1) to return, up to a max of roughly 1500 results
$search->setMixedResultType(); none Eden_Twitter_Search Set mixed result
$search->setRecentResultType(); none Eden_Twitter_Search Set recent result
$search->setPopularResultType(); none Eden_Twitter_Search Set populat result
  1. int
Eden_Twitter_Search The number of tweets to return per page, up to a max of 100.
  1. int
Eden_Twitter_Search Set since id
$search->showUser(); none Eden_Twitter_Search Set show user
  1. string|int
  2. - unix time for date format
Eden_Twitter_Search Returns tweets generated before the given date.

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