Mail - Smtp, Custom Header - How to change 'From'-Field to custom Sender-Email-Address


This is about

public function send(array $headers = array())

Sends an email


array custom headers

Returns array headers

I understand that i have to provide an array of headers with this method to overwrite the default from header (equals by default to smtp server account address) to the "real sender" address (provided by the user filling the mail form)

The problem is: I cant find any documentation how to use it.

The question is: What is the correct way to provide this header.

(Please provide a "working code sample" of send-method call with parameter)

Thank you ;-)

asked 2 years ago by Gerd Christian Kunze smtp header from

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1 Answers

send( array( 'From' => '' ) )

"D'oh!".. so easy :D .. but Eden definitly missing documentation here

answered 2 years ago by Gerd Christian Kunze

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