Authorizenet api syntax error


syntax error in eden\authorizenet\block\post.php

seems to be semi colon missing on lines 48 to 58

	protected $_cardNumberLabel	= self::CARD_NUMBER,
	protected $_expirationLabel	= self::EXPIRATION,
	protected $_cvvLabel		= self::CVV,
	protected $_firstNameLabel	= self::FIRST_NAME,
	protected $_lastNameLabel	= self::LAST_NAME,
	protected $_addressLabel	= self::ADDRESS,
	protected $_cityLabel		= self::CITY,
	protected $_stateLabel		= self::STATE,
	protected $_zipLabel		= self::ZIP,
	protected $_countryLabel	= self::COUNTRY,
	protected $_submitButton	= self::SUBMIT,
asked 5 years ago by Nicolas Lecointe

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