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am trying to work with the eden framework, it seems to have awsomes features, but it doesn'ot work for me, when I use any classe I got this error:

'Class Eden_google does not exist' in C:\wamp\www\Arvixe\_includes\edenlib\eden\route\class.php on line 79

Tested with php 5.3.5, under Apache 2.2.17


asked 5 years ago by Houcine Cherif issue, error not-working

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Hi, are you using the whole eden library or just the one file?

if you're using the one file library you shouldn't get that error but if your using the folder structured package, you should set first the loader eden()->setLoader(true);

this enables you to call the available classes inside eden.

answered 5 years ago by Dan Michael Molina

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