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What is the best way to integrate Eden-Php with Symfony2

Hi! I've downloaded eden and tried to include it in both vendor and bundle ways in my project without success. I always get this error "Fatal error: Class 'Eden_Class' not found in .../Controller/DefaultController on line XX" and can't figure out how to fix it. Would it be possible to have an …

asked 5 years ago by Salim Dramé eden symfony2
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Problems with facebook graph

Hey, I have lot problems with using edens facebook class. I'm testing it for using to my big project. But i cant do many thing using eden, for example - like my post, publish comment etc. Many thins is working correct (display profile image for example). Please explain my how to like same post... mayby …

asked 5 years ago by Grzegorz Karwaszewski facebook eden like publish post
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Use Eden for YouTube

Hello, I try to use Eden for connection with youtube. I connect my google account but when i call the function  $channel = $youtube->channel(); I have the result :    object(Eden_Google_Youtube_Channel)[8] protected '_token' => string 'ya29.AH........uLvEQ5yk7yHHQ' (length=59) protected '_maxResult' => null protected '_headers' => array …

asked 5 years ago by Martial Puygrenier eden youtube google connection activty
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Hi, i've downloaded Eden, and quickly give it a try. So i put everything in one folder. The eden.php, the eden folder, and my index.php. In the index.php i only made these lines: <?php include('eden.php'); eden('debug')->output('Hello World'); //--> Hello World ?> And it gave me this error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in F:\...\eden\class.php on line 44 Obs:  PHP …

asked 4 years ago by Elvis Moraes t_static error syntax unexpected quick start quide eden
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What is the best way to integrate Eden in Zend Framework 2?

What is the best way to integrate Eden in Zend Framework …

asked 5 years ago by Gonçalo Gonçalves zf2 zend framework eden
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Eden auto loader doesn't work in Zend Framework, how to?

  i am trying to use [Eden Library][1] with Zend Framework 1.   i include `require_once 'eden.php';` into zf index.php   and `autoloadernamespaces.eden = "eden_"` into the  application.ini   the issue i'm having is that `eden('Facebook')` will return `class Eden_Facebook not found`.   any ideas how to make the eden.php auto loader …

asked 5 years ago by Timothy Cristi eden zend-framework autoloader php
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Problems with eden mvc and sessions

Hi people, I use eden MVC and have a little problem with the sessions. I have in the front \ page.php started the session and set values: $ session = eden ('session') -> start (); $ session-> set ("wwww", "weeee"); Now how do I get the values ​​elsewhere out? I have tried it at the …

asked 5 years ago by Das Rabenauge eden mvc sessions
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How to install Eden in windows 7.

Guys! How can I install my Eden on windows. i really cant understand. Please do help me …

asked 5 years ago by Jazz Ambat eden intall-eden
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Class Eden_mysql does not exist

Hello Class Eden_mysql does not exist Follow the initial model for connection to the database: $database = eden('mysql', '[HOST]' ,'[DBNAME]', '[USER]', '[PASS]'); return this error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ReflectionException' with message 'Class Eden_mysql does not exist'   Obs: PHP Version …

asked 4 years ago by Elvis Moraes fatal error database sql eden_mysql eden reflectionexception class uncaught not exist, does gameislife

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