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Use Eden for YouTube

Hello, I try to use Eden for connection with youtube. I connect my google account but when i call the function  $channel = $youtube->channel(); I have the result :    object(Eden_Google_Youtube_Channel)[8] protected '_token' => string 'ya29.AH........uLvEQ5yk7yHHQ' (length=59) protected '_maxResult' => null protected '_headers' => array …

asked 5 years ago by Martial Puygrenier eden youtube google connection activty
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Google Maps API Image Sample

Is there any examples available on how to use the Google Maps Image?   iam getting this image when i use the sample snipet in the documentation $test3 = $image->getStreetMap('14.575734,121.050239', '100x100', 'false'); <img src=""> thx …

asked 5 years ago by Jnpl Onte google maps

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